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Re: Do cusps also apply to your moon and rising sign?

Hi Astro.teacher,
Ascendant marks is something I have never heard of before, apart from 'the general appearance' idea. Does the signifance of a mark refer specifically to a birth mark only or can it also refer to a scar received in life? I happen to know my Ascending sign but it doesn't comply with a small birth mark on the back of my lower right arm.... Gemini area? Yet I have a l-o-n-g scar across the area ruled by my rising sign, as a result of an operation. But I do have Mars, ruler 8th house of operations, semi-square Ascendant. Would this 'mark' count if I didn't know my Ascending sign, or simply help an astrologer deduce, through medical and house rulerships, what the rising sign could be?

Fascinating. Well worth a thread of its own.

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