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Re: Do cusps also apply to your moon and rising sign?

Interesting i have 3 Pisces/Aries cusp moons in my fam too and one of my good freinds as well.

I would say it depends on where the planet falls, beginning or end? In the beginning 10 degrees of a sign i have found i most relate to the planet discription, so if you fall a few degrees in you most likely relate to that more. The end can hold a little of both possibly, i cant totally relate to some of my late planets like i can my mars in taurus for example. I think the decanates are underrated in astrological sign interpretations, can prolly google them for more info. Basically, in the first 10 degrees you kinda get a double dose of the energy of the sign, in theory. Just have to read both decriptions and see which you relate to the most in the end, IMO.
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