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Re: Do cusps also apply to your moon and rising sign?

Ah, I can definitely relate to this question since my Ascendant is on the cusp of Aries and Pisces, and if the accuracy of the time on my birth certificate is off by only three minutes, I have a Pisces Ascendant. I'm not sure if I can satisfactorily answer this question for you since it is somewhat vague; do you mean to ask that if an individual has his Ascendant or Moon on the cusp of two signs, will they display attributes of the previous/next sign that it "almost" occupies? Many astrologers would answer this question with an emphatic no, as a planet can only occupy one sign or the other and the law of attraction would undoubtedly bestow the correct astrological influence upon a native. However, if there is any uncertainty about the birth time and the Ascendant or Moon is within minutes of entering another sign or has entered the sign only minutes prior to your birth, I think it is possible that this "just missed" sign may truly be the correct one. It is possible that I am biased, though, because I believe I possess a little Piscean sensitivity despite my first house Aries stellium...

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