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Re: Placement of Saturn in horary question

Hi there,

Saturn's condition can also describe what you 'get' from the job; by this I mean, if Saturn has dignity by triplicity, domicile, etc. it may describe a very 'high powered' job, an executive position or a job with a lot of status, even enjoyment of sorts. If in detriment (as now, in Leo) it may not be a job the querent enjoys, or 'gets much' from either pay-wise or in terms of benefit.

For example, I did a job chart for myself back when Saturn was in Cancer (also detrimented), with Saturn as the significator for the job. I got the job very easily, but it was one of the hardest jobs I've ever had in terms of hours, energy, and emotion (Cancer), and it didn't pay me nearly enough to cover the amount of work I invested in the company.

I think many people will be very happy once Saturn moves into Virgo.

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