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Re: Placement of Saturn in horary question

Originally Posted by dr. farr View Post
Depends upon the other elements of the chart; also depends upon whether the rx Saturn is in a pit or in an elevated degree; also modified if the rxSaturn is in a bright or dark degree; but everything else being equal, rxSaturn in the ascendant is a warning ABOUT THE QUERENT (NOT the quesited!!), about something within the QUERENT, about something affecting the surroundings or motivations or circumstances OF THE QUERENT, or at least about the origination/beginnings of the romantic question: remember that first and foremost-and, I might add, in ALL horary traditions, standard, Vedic, Ankara, Modernist-the 1st house/ascending sign indicates THE QUERENT, and the origins of the question, the beginnings of the matter (NOT the endings of that matter)...
I think this is great. I also think it's a pivotal way to think about Saturn Rx in 1st. It's descriptive of the Querent and colours the outlook or approach, not the outcome as many believe. Perhaps it's best to see what Saturn rules in the chart. Maybe this is what the caution is about? I'm going to check that chart now and report back. THANK YOU!

EDIT: It rules 4th and 5th. Hmmm. It's a love horary. Sat Rx trines Sun which rules 11th. I'll have to think about this one. My initial intuition tells me caution must be given to the the love/fun pleasure aspect with an eye on End of Matter/4th house in order to reach the 11th H of hopes/wishes/dreams. Almost like its saying, be careful what you wish might get it and "don't take this lightly".
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