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Re: Placement of Saturn in horary question

In the Ankara tradition, as also with Ibn Ezra, Al-Biruni and other early authors, Saturn in the ascending pivot (or any pivot for that matter) acts as a benefic if it has any (essential) dignity in that place; however, if debilitated in that place (or peregrine-which I myself don't believe in-but I am posting what the old time authors said) or retrograde, then it acts as a malefic. Now Saturn in Libra is in its exlatation sign, and in an angle (1st house) this would make it a benefic (unless it fell in a pitted degree in Libra, which would neutralize it) BUT it is also retrograde, which (for authors like Ibn Ezra and Al-Biruni) would cancel out its accidental dignity of being in an angle and also its esssential dignity of being in exaltation, and would render it a malefic (I think this goes a bit too far, that rx cancels out both accidental and essential dignity and reverses everything; however, an rxSaturn in the first house seems to mostly act as a disturbing influence in horary and event charts)
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