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Re: Impressions on my chart... help

Venus-SNode acquarius attention catching mystic looks, artistic aptitudes, dance, fashion design etc; pain-injury-surgery head-legs- eyes-kidneys-sciatica etc;

Sun-mercury pisces first, mercury debilated, emotional, confused, ethical, traditional, literary-oratory-astro aptitudes; Sun first impressive personality, mercury first good looks; Wear green emerald over pendant touching heart;

Mars own aries 2nd opp moon, volatile emotions n finances, technical-mechanical aptitudes; Mars aspect own scorpio 9th supportive of luck-education-travels but not good for general health of father; and supportive of research-occult-forensic aptitudes;

Jup-sat 3rd taurus, aptitude for research-advisory-trainer aptitudes in banking, dentistry-traditional cuisine-classical singing etc;

Moon lord 6th over libra 8th, aptitude for research in public relations, prone to chronic circulatory-kidney issues. Wear pearl over silver pendant touching heart; moon libra wavery mind, stormy anger when provoked.

All planets between rahu-ketu the nodes; NNode transits over planets clouding and delaying things and toxic health issues; SNode transits causing detachments and pain-injury-surgery;

Venus-rahu NNode opp, rise-fall in life, prayersls for ancestors, observe death anniversaries religiously; wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart;

hope these obervations/impressions enable reflect how true traits-talents-health-life trends-remedies-ideas to pick etc, wishing you well,

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