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Re: Impressions on my chart... help

Sorry, I meant "conjunction" not square. It is transiting Saturn conjuncting your Ascendant.

It will be in the latter half of January, 2021. There may be a number of burdens that are presented. You might get Covid19, for instance, or some other malady.

You made a good point about your generation with Neptune there, but your case is much more emphatic, because Neptune and Venus are right on the Ascendant, so it will be much more personal for you.

There are usually losses, delays, blockages, burdens. You may feel guilty about giving a burden to others. Saturn-Neptune is a special kind of grief. Many kinds of introspective suffering. Loss, betrayal, guilt, shame, embarrassment, and always with Saturn, horrible feelings of inadequacy. I believe the conjunction is worse than the square. Remember, though, it is Saturn, and remember it is temporary.
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