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Re: Impressions on my chart... help

Originally Posted by Cary2 View Post
The word "progressed" means forecasting or predictive astrology. While I use secondary progressions in my predictive work, I concentrate on Solar Arc Directions and transits. A direction is the equivalent of a progression, but a direction involves moving all or most of the factors by the same key. When I progress a chart, I rely mostly on Solar Arc Directions and transits.

I will start with transits because you must start somewhere, but transits do not tell the whole story. The slow-moving outer planets carry the most weight because their transits are not brief. Therefore their impact is greater and more of a milestone.

Transiting Neptune is conjunct natal Mercury. You will enjoy a swell of imagination, but you will find it hard to make yourself understood. You will be much less efficient during the transit. Follow the movements of Neptune to calculate the duration. When it is more than 1-1/2 degree from Mercury, it is over, but it may turn and go retrograde. That is, it may return and revisit Mercury. That is why you should study the movements of the planets. There are problems associated with Neptune transiting Mercury, but they are temporary.

I talked about deceptions and swindles when I was interpreting your natal chart, but now is a critical time in this regard. Neptune transiting your Mercury could bring deceptions a swindles your way. Don't be surprised if you are accused of being phony. It comes at such times, and it is temporary. You may seem less organized, and you may be criticized for it, but it is temporary. Others may be puzzled by the way you express yourself, but it is temporary. If you have creative goals, you may be especially imaginative and creative. Be very careful with agreements and contracts. There may be severe disappointments there.

Solar Arc Saturn is moving to square your Sun, and its influence is probably already making itself known. This will be a difficult few years in your life. You will be treated with little sympathy. You will be expected to be responsible and mature, and there will be no relief from the pressure. There will be delays and losses that seem like a punishment from God. You may feel that your energy is drained. You will feel less vitality and possibly less good health. Life will feel like an uphill battle, but you will probably develop a philosophical approach that reminds you that you were born to grow and tackle the challenges. That is true. You will grow through the next few years, but it will be painful and difficult. Authority figures may seem to be your enemy.

Solar Arc Mercury is conjuncting natal Mars. You will become more aggressive and argumentative during your ordeal. You will resolve to become very efficient and mentally sharp. Your mind will race ahead of itself, and you may say things that you regret, so try to pace yourself and filter your thoughts a bit. You have been in this phase for a little while now, but you have a year or so to go. If people respond to you as if you are aggressive or argumentative, then you know that it is a temporary thing.

In two or three years, your solar arc Mars will conjunct your natal Jupiter, and things will be very different. You will be bold, brave, and you will surprise yourself with your capacity to make well-judged decisions. It is a time to enjoy considerable growth and abundance. You will be more enterprising than you have ever been, and if you take advantage of that period, you will increase your success.
Hi Cary2! Thank you again for the insight! I find this to be extremely accurate as well.
Im currently a junior at university, so the next 3 years of my life I would anticipate to be challenging, of saturn themes. I resonate deeply with neptune, and Ive always found it difficult to ground myself in the physical world. These next few years will challenge me in ways ive never been challenged.

You mentioned the saturn square to the ascendent group, when will this occur? And how could i prepare for this challenge? I would assume it to challenge my entire identity and how I relate to myself.
Also neptune in Aquarius is prominent of my generation, so could this transit be telling of a generational issue? My age group is about to graduate university and enter the work field, and I could anticipate there to be many hardships.
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