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Re: Impressions on my chart... help

Originally Posted by Cary2 View Post
I understand your request, and I expect to arrive eventually on those topics that are of great interest to you, but I will begin with your chart as I usually do in order to do the best that I know how to do with chart interpretation. Bear with me if I seem to be straying away from the topics you requested at first. The assemblage of factors crowding you Ascendant is of immense importance, and I will begin there. Also, the Venus/Neptune conjunction is at an octile point from the Sun/Moon midpoint to further emphasize the importance of the Ascendant group.

South Lunar Node conjuncts Ascendant and the stellium there, and North Lunar Node opposes. You are conflicted or undecided how you feel about associating with others. There are many opportunities to associate, but you are often isolated because you avoid the associations that are frequently available to you. You have been exposed to frauds or swindlers, or you may have been involved yourself in fraudulent associations. There may be a wobble between being keen on group activities or being isolated and anti-social. You have been exposed to unreliable people frequently.

You yourself may seem unreliable to others who look to you for cooperation. You may be too preoccupied with glamorous or artistic matters that seem more important to you than simple work duties. Your interests may be important, but you have harmed your reputation by not being reliable when others were counting on you.

Your life is focused on beauty or fine art. You are a mystic when it comes to love. You would rather be unhappily in love than not in love at all. Your love life may have a tragic element to it for that reason alone. It is hard to be a lover when you would rather be isolated from others, but you have very beautiful dreams of ideal love and art. You may have musical talent, but you do not have much drive to manifest it.

Odds are you are quite beautiful and seductive yourself. You might bring peace and healing to those who suffer in one way or another. You might be a spiritual force in your life, or you might be an impractical dreamer who is a burden on others.

The Yod of Moon-sextile-Pluto opposite Saturn suggests that your upbringing was marred by cruelty. You had a cruel childhood in many ways. You need therapy as a result, but you may feel that you cannot trust the therapies that are available. That may be true. You may experience some bad experiences in therapy. It is possible that it was your mother who was cruel. Her methods may have been indirect, subtle, and psychological. She may have undermined her relationship with you by being manipulative and coercive when what you needed was the unconditional love of a parent.

Sun conjunct the anti-vertex suggests that ego, pride, and self-importance may work against you at critical times. However, you may have leadership qualities. You may be a VIP in your circles or a guru in your field.

The T-square Neptune/Jupiter/Node suggests that you may fail at times due to foolish optimism guided by confused humanitarian concepts. You may be enticed to gamble. You may suffer from some mystery illness.

I think you must pursue your concept of fine art, beauty, or mystical love to fulfill yourself. You do have a beautiful capacity for spiritual love that guides you. Be careful of frauds or swindles along the way.
Hi Cary2, thankyou so much for this interpretation, you couldve probably predicted my late response to this post from my chart! lol!
Anyways, everything you have said was SPOT on, I feel as if I have been psychoanalyzed here.
Its interesting because when I learn about astrology, specifically these placements, the internet really idealizes them, and every placement for that matter. So to receive an accurate insight on how these have manifested in my life is very nice, and i thank you for it!
You even hit it right on the nail with my relationship with my mother, the situation with her was even more intense than you have described, but the themes are definitely correct!

Could you offer me any insight on my progressed chart, or upcoming transits? Im expecting my life to change A LOT over the next few years.

Thanks again!
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