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Re: Pluto opposite Moon/ Pluto Conjunct Venus/ Mars Venus DW

Indeed this is a very dynamic chart. The connection of Pluto between the charts does indicate that patterns from the past [or karmic, perhaps] are rising up in this current relationship, and typically these can be hidden within the individual’s psyches but can’t be ignored. What would ultimately be required is for both to seek counselling for their individual psychic issues.

You have recognized some of the influences between your Suns and Ascendants being compatible, however there is some dissonance between your Moons, and that is where the emotional intensity comes in. We would look to any tensions between the Sun and Moon in the individual charts to get a hint at difficulties in the past that may be played out in the present.

In her case, Sun and Moon are in tense aspect, suggesting a high likelihood that problems with the ‘father figure’ are playing out. While hers creates a great deal of emotional moodiness, which often she is unaware of, your connection of Mercury with the Moon allows you to pick up and be affected by these emotional instabilities, but may be difficult to communicate about.

While your Moon in Taurus can be quite considerate and sensitive, it is still earthy by nature and can thus be more concerned with physical stability and pleasure. You may find it very difficult to tolerate her moods, which means you need to be more willing to gain better understanding.

The connection of Pluto to Venus is definitely a hard challenge for any relationship. It may involve issues of domination, power/control or sexual abuses that she has already experienced, and her sensitivities may be reflected by your Pluto.

Scorpio and Pluto are both ruled by The Phoenix, which must rise up from death and be born again: symbolically it means one must rise up from ignorance, denial, lack of consciousness and power issues on the mundane level and seek higher enlightenment and awareness. Indeed that can be a hard shell to break through in a relationship. The state of the world today can only add a lot of pressure to an already unstable situation. Wishing you the best of luck.
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