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Re: Impressions on my chart... help

Originally Posted by Starr22 View Post
Hi! I was wondering if anyone could provide me any insight on my chart?
I had a really hard life and just recently started looking into transits. I was born with Neptune on my ascendent and for the past 20 years I have felt its power over my identity. Interestingly, for whatever reason, I waited until I was 14 to go to an eye doctor. My eyesight is -6, and it went uncorrected, due to negligent parents and partly security, it was safe in my blurry world.
Anyways, I found this extremely telling of neptunes influence on the first portion of my life.
A few other things that I could use interpretation on:

Sun conjunct anti-vertex
triple south-node conjunction; venus, neptune, ascendent
Upcoming Saturn transit to above placement
1st house stellium
Yod pointing to saturn

Hi Star!
Well, there's many interesting "things" in your chart. You not only have Neptune on your ASC. You have the South Node - past life wound - on your ASC along with Venus. The South Node there portends a very difficult early life. Neptune there gives a person the ability not to be very present in one's body, but it can assist in having a spiritual connection when there isn't much of a loving personal connection. Venus will give you a certain physical or charismatic attraction - which can be nice or problematic, depending.

Aquarius is also difficult because it likes to be different and contrary to whatever is authoritarian - and parents are always the "authority" to a child. Being different and unique is a challenge for parents. You can also be very smart and intuitive with such a focus on Aquarius.

With a Pisces Sun and Mercury, I would think you have a great imagination and creativity - have artistic tendencies - or psychic abilities, perhaps.

The first house does represent the early life, one's body, and new beginnings. It is Aries natural house - so it is very focused on your individuality - your ability to follow your own impulses - courage and pioneering spirit. The whole first quadrant (houses 1-3) are all about your individual development. All of your planets are there except your Moon, which is in Libra in an intercepted sign - opposing Mars in Aries - in an intercepted sign.

These intercepted signs are in Signs that have to do with your individuality, independence and self-direction (Aries) opposed to learning who you are through relationship (Libra). Being intercepted, feels like more of an internal process for you - a step back from full-on expression. You'll want to be more cautious in relationships - analyze them to understand better - that's the Moon expressing through Virgo, the sign on the cusp of the house it's in. The 8th house is about exploring oneself emotionally - especially unconscious material - and transforming oneself through this investigation.

The key thing is to work on not judging yourself or others - which will help you understand yourself and others better. Pluto and Chiron in Sagittarius is all about letting go of either-or, right-wrong thinking. You can learn to see there are many relative truths - that not everyone sees things in such black and white terms. We can soften the way we see things and feel more peace in our lives. The lesson is that you are indeed a unique individual and you need to follow your own inner dictates as to what is right for you. But, you need to realize that everyone comes to their own conclusions - and it has nothing to do with you. Anyway, that's my two cents.
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