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Re: Help with health problems and career

7yrs ketu dasa now, since 2015,
Sat-ketu pisces 6th, hyper-sensitive;
job separations, coping with opponents,
pain-injury-surgery feet-intestinals-hips etc
aptitude for naval navigation etc, water pumping, etc
As I am growing I am getting more sensitive. I started my job in 2018 so no separation till now. Never had surgery also since 2015.

Sat lord 4/5 over 6th, impacting mother's health and property issues, and extra efforts towards education-children etc;
I am un married so can't say about the issues with children. Yes mother's health remains a problem.

Rahu virgo 12th for foreign lands, seeking spiritual knowledge passing through the dark tunnel,
light at the end of the tunnel;
toxic intestinal-feet issues
Never been to foreign till now. Yes I am spirituality active and follow the rule everything happens for Good. Someone is always watching you from above Nothing bad will happen.

Sat-rahu opposition, rise-fall in life, prayers for ancestors,
donate-serve at old age homes and old people in family-society;

rahu past one year transit mars-venus gemini 9th,
foreign travels and pilgrimage, foreign relationships
Last year was full of ups and downs. I have also joined a NGO and we are helping poors and old age peoples. I travelled a lot but that was in India only but not for the pilgrimage, all of them were vacation.

Most planets between rahu-ketu,
ketu transits over natal planets
causing detachments-pain-injury-surgery;
rahu transits clouding-delaying things;

ketu past one year transit jupiter sag 3rd,
hyper-impulsive, accident prone, seeking transfer,
detachment from guru-father-siblings etc;

Yes things go like this way only, I succeed at time and then comes another problem but that too will be solved. There was no as such detachment from past one year.

Lords 1/7 venus-mars over 9th gemini,
marriage by mere attractions seeking mutuality in the relationship;
luck after marriage, arranged marriage/with support of parents;
aptitude for finance, mechatronics, technical-financial analytics etc;

mars lord 2nd placed 8th from 2nd, scope for financial losses to care;
venus ascendant lord over 9th, seeking splendor in distant lands;

Mercury lord 9th for luck over leo 11th, badhaka for libra ascendant,
luck-edu-travels n gains from communications-writings under stress-delays;
prone to nervous heart-stomach issues;
wear green emerald over pendant touching heart;

Badhaka sun with moon over sensitive cancer 10th, introvert, govt roles;
gains from career under stress-delays; heart-lungs-knees under stress;
good for introspection/dhyana and Parvathy pooja Amavasya evenings;
I am really not planning to get married as want to get successful in career. I am working in analytics department as Data scientist.

Never thought of writing and I don't think I am good at it.
I do have a bad stomach.

Not an Introvert, neither in to govt roles. I do introspection at times.

coming 2 yrs saturn transit own cap 4th opp sun-moon,
career-home-health-relationship with parents/govt under stress now;
This could be true as I am planning to move Banglore for better opportunity.

20yrs venus dasa follows from mid-2022 approx,
asc lord venus over 9th gemini for luck, splendor in distant lands;
luck in arts-finance-electronics-relationship/marriage etc.
wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;
I will definitely try to move to foriegn maye be for job or higher studies. Never been in good with art but I can explore if there is anything for me. Will also try the remedy.

I am also writing the past year major experience if they would be helpful for you.

1. I broke up with my girl friend whom I loved a lot. We also planned to get married but things got another way.
2. I got apprasied by my Boss at job and was given a promotion where people with more experience than me were not considered.
3. I made few unexpected friends when I was kind a feeling low after breakup.
4. Had differences with father on few things.

Thankyou Khsantaram sir for your detailed analysisa and remedies. For now I am planning to buy a green emerald for betterment of health.

Wishing you well.
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