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Re: Will agent sell my newest book within the month?

Originally Posted by sandrang123 View Post
Also, question (for anyone):

When I was trying to read the chart, I wasn't sure whether the question itself would fall under the 2nd house (money/finances), third house (written communications), or 10th house (career/status). Thoughts?
For such questions about our finances and the finances of others we always look at the second house.
Your finances are the 2nd
The money of others is the 8th (the 2nd from the 7th.
The money we get from our job or our career is 11th (the 2nd from 10th house).

The 3th house in this case has nothing to do with it.

On your own chart now, you might not be happy with sales because the dignities of the major planets are not strong.

we see that Venus (your pocket, money) is ruled by the Moon (the money from your job or career) but without dignities (not strong), is in triplicity of Saturn (little not too much)
Also the same about Mars (the money from the others, is in detriment of this Saturn (again your book).

If we take the Moon, which is the money from your career, if you see it is in a void, (situations are slow and nothing moves immediately), and when she change position, you will see that it will enter a space that will be in the triplicity of Mars, Money of others) but detriment of Saturn (your book).

But the fact that it will change position ( ) and become a dominating position ( ) tells us that it will definitely change some things in the economy and certainly for the better.

And Saturn (your book) is retro in detriment of Mercury (you and your career marker). Which shows us again in a way that perhaps earnings are not what you expect. The fact that your book is in the possession of others (agency) we can see that from Saturn ....
And something else that shows delays and slow changes is that Mercury (your index but also the professional ones) is retrograde in the 12th, and your book = Saturn, peregrine and retrograde.

hope the best and good luck
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