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Re: Physical complaint arising!

Hi Jag,
Thank you for your concern. Very sweet of you. I can assure you that I'm doing fine. Sciatica just needs TIME and with transiting Saturn-Neptune hovering around the natal Jupiter in Leo-Sun in Taurus square, it's going to be a while. Lots of walking necessary apparently....uuuuugggghhh!

It's difficult to sort the chaff from the corn where the transits and progressions are concerned, let alone appreciating the psychology behind it all, of which I am totally aware. But when did Neptune (ruler 7th house)/Libra ever think of themselves first?

Secondary progr. Sun is sextile itself.
Sec. progr. Mercury (ruler Virgo Asc.) is applying conjunct natal Pluto in Leo (back/spine region);
Sec. progr. Moon in 9th is applying to natal Mercury, already activating Pluto in the close natal Mercury-Pluto square. (coincided with a recent death in family).

What I also find interesting, yet without really being able to understand or explain the significance of it, is that I have natal Vertex on 16* Aquarius in the 6th house opposing Jupiter (hips/thighs) and square 9th house (health) Sun, under influence of the transiting square in the fixed signs.
Sec. progr. Vertex is now conjunct natal Sun; the 'fated encounter' with a health problem? In retrospect, I have had 'twinges' of pain down my lower right leg (Aquarius) for years, which I suppose is the result of digging and bending in the garden in a wrong posture. I took on the allotment as of spring 2004, which EXACTLY coincided with transiting Neptune crossing my Placidus 6th house cusp. A physical complaint in the making, seeping in unawares, that became actual once the transiting T-square (of first post) reached the natal one ?

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