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Re: Physical complaint arising!

Hi All,
An interesting P.S. to my original posting.

I have Jupiter on 18 Leo in the 12th house square Sun on 21 Taurus in the 9th house. This square is under the influence of the transiting Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune square in the fixed signs in my 3rd-6th and 9th houses. What I had never noticed until now is that Jupiter is within orb of a semi-square (health indication) to my natal Neptune on 1 Libra 43R,
Transiting BML has now entered Libra so I was wondering what, if anything, it would do when in orb of natal Neptune. HAH! Believe it or not, as a result of the sciatica (which is MUCH improved), this last week I have lost all feeling sensation (BML) in an area around my big and second toes (Pisces/Neptune ruled). Both transiting Uranus and Neptune are not activating my chart, although the transiting Mercury-Jupiter conjunction oppsed natal Sun and is now inconjunct natal Saturn in Gemini (nerve endings?). I was concerned that it could be a signal of 'hidden' Diabetes but the physio. has assured me that it is all part of the 'back problem'.

I received a letter from a fellow Taurean yesterday, born 12 days earlier than I, so also with Neptune in Libra. She mentioned that she has also had back problems and is not allowed to swim !

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