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Re: I question his intensions... my loser date

Starlink... you are reading me like a book... please do not expose my intentions..I asked of his .

Yes - you are right. I know he holds me to a high esteem and more than likely knows I can be with men he is striving to be.
Yes - - I like him, bit I am hesitant since I do not know what to make of this guy.

He is fine, he is OK ... but I do not think he realizes how much thought I am putting into him, to the point of cutting him cold turkey.

I feel if I give into him - he will take advantage of me, so I back off. At the same time, I feel offended that he isn't taking much effort to show what good he has to offer. This man is weird... maybe I am weird ... dear me .

I will let you know the outcome... I think for now he is sitting back and observing my moves... I am moving away and he doesn't realize that cancer rising in me. I am emotional, but when it is done - he looks like fowl meat I won't eat. Ha!

Thanks Starlink!!!!
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