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Re: I question his intensions... my loser date

Misagem, hi!
Yes, you are Venus and Moon, he is mars.

Jupiter is no significator of anything so forget Jupiter. Besides, Venus will not sextile Jupiter. Venus is at 14.52', Jupiter at 154' and Venus is moving even further back to 13 etc. so she will not make an ingoing sextile with Jupiter. If anything Venus did sextile Jupiter in the past, on the 18th of february to be exact, but then moved on. Venus will sextile Jupiter again around the 3rd of June after going direct in April. but as I said, it does not play a role here. Jupiter rules your 3rd of communication and your 6th of daily work and illness.

Then she goes on to semi-square Mars.
Minor aspects are not used in horary astrology, so this aspect does not count.

The only thing you have to do is to see if there are mutual receptions between him and you. And THEN we do see something!!

Mars is really liking you!! (yes, I know, you did not expect this, or did you secretly.....?) He is in the exaltation sign of Venus! He looks up at you, puts you on a pedestal. Exaltations often turn out deceptions in the end when the adored person does not respond accordingly so if you really should not like him, then he is in for a fall.

And you are feeling as if you are at his mercy in a way. Venus (you) falls in his 1st house and in his sign, so there is mutual reception between you two, but even though you seem to like him (yes!!)you are hesitant, seen by the retrogradation.

However, the mutual reception is not a very strong one. Venus is indeed in the 7th, an angular house, but in detriment and retrograde in Aries, the worst possible debility there is and Mars is actually quite OK because he rules the triplicity of Pisces by night and day. Mars must have shown you this somehow. He is also in your 5th house.
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