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Re: Marriage Prediction 36 and Single

Originally Posted by Januarystorm View Post
i didnt want to type out the entire thing here but im seeing someone giving a different prediction so i will elaborate on how i calculated your marriage age being 42 - meaning you will get married in 2026

now you did not ask how marriage life will be, or if things will be smooth or how many proposals you will get, you specifically asked if you would get married and if yes, when that would happen then so these two questions i have answered using the following technique:

in order to see if a person has the promise of marriage in their chart we must look at the 7th house and see if there is ANY connection between the lord of the 7th and the lord of the 11th nakshatra from the moon. if they make a connection- marriage will occur, the exact age is then easily determined by looking which house gets aspected by both the 7th house lord and the lord of the 11th nakshatra, since they must be connected in some way for marriage to occur, they usually aspect one house together and that house shows us the age of marriage which you can see in the picture i uploaded below, i also uploaded a picture of all the nakshatras together with their respective lords for easy calculation

your seventh house is taurus, ruled by venus who is in the 7th house in taurus. the 11th nakshatra from your moon- who is in the nakshatra of bharani is the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni. Uttara Phalguni is ruled by the sun, the sun in your chart is also in taurus, in the 7th house, together with venus, therefore marriage is promised and will occur.

now to determine the age we must see which house gets aspected the most. by these two planets sun and venus, for you its very easy to see- both the sun and venus aspect the 7th house of marriage directly by literally sitting in that house, therefore you will get married during the age of the seventh house which as you can see from the picture below is age 42.

this is a clear cut calculation there is not much else i can add to this, try it for yourself with people you know.
Thank you for explaining.

I know I didn't ask this originally but can you share your interpretation on the type of man my husband will be and our married life?
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