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Cool Looking for my astrological family.

Hello everyone my name is Timing,

I am looking to meet you the person who is reading this, and becoming friends, I have read your posts, yes you, I feel I know and love you already as I have spent many months reading your posts.

I am interested in Speculation, Financial Astrology, Meteorology and Medical Astrology. I am interested in Modern Astrology on the above areas but appreciate Traditional is the best for Horary. I want to work with people who know in their heart nothing is happening in their studies, no money, no dreams coming true, I feel that way also. Maybe we should make something happen or go to another forum on painting or something less frustrating?

I am interested in anyone that can get us through the Capricorn Saturn Pluto conjunction that we may be financially free and make our dreams come true on this forum.

I am a failure of an astrologer, never made a success of anything in my life, but I think that WD Gann stated that as the stockmarket has seasons so does man. What if this is one our seasons?

My name is Timing and I love you, I love astrology, I love winning and I secretly have a crush on JupiterAsc

Any posts about Speculation, financial, weather and medical, please lets talk. I need your friendship and your honesty, what if we really make our dreams come true. I know it is you reading this as you feel the same way as me.

Please welcome me and talk, tell me what you know or dont know, ask what you want to know.

If you doubt this message is for you, then your in the wrong forum hahaha.


I want my astrological family and we will set ourselves free and prosper.
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