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Re: Opal Stars

My Heliacal Setting Star

Markab - The Saddle of Pegasus

Keywords: To stand firm for your beliefs and principles

Well, I can't argue that. Against anyone, I will stand my ground. I don't make a confrontation unless forced, sometimes I just smile, and listen to the blah, blah , blah, of how ignorant I am.

It says I am good under pressure. That could be an understatement. I prefer pressure. I am a natural leader. as it asserts. I relinquish, to others, because it is good for them to be in the position, but, at crunch time, I am there obviously if needed to save the day. I handle most crisis well, I am experienced with crisis. My husband heart attack, I felt I fell apart. Others said how composed I was.

It doesn't matter, what I am doing. I am always looked to for support by others, they want my approval.

It says, it could be restricting or an asset. I would say asset, other than, it is nice to meet someone else that shows the same powers, I recognize it, and gladly step back, until needed.

In emergencies, I just act. It just is. Others cry, I act.

with Mercury - logical argument, respected for ideas, voice of authority.

I will agree, but, there are those, that think I should, well, drop astrology, but, you know, that ain't going to happen. I am usually logical, but, sometimes, not, I am human, I get angry sometimes. Usually by people who are intentionally antagonistic. Fur flies.

with Saturn - seeking respect by building reliable structures, cautious, concern over stability, seeking to understand chance, safety in tradition, protocol, upholding the law.

I am respected by the literal meaning of building, but, I don't care so much what others think, I care that that don't come to me later complaining. Therefore, I seek reliable structures. But meant in a not so tangible sense, I do have concerns over stability, I have never been stable financially, so yeah, I am usually concerned. I don't think I am very traditional, nor am I one to follow protocol, what needs to be done, needs to be done, regardless, and stupid laws are a bane on society, that should be abolished. We have way to many laws to follow in our society, something has to change.

with Uranus, understanding what is popular, work in advertising, to read the common mind, or fulfil a task in community, reliable and constant with common folk.

not so much here. I don't care what is popular. I don't work in advertising, nor do I advertise my company. I am too busy without advertising. I do a lot of charity work though, in the community, I am constant and I consider myself common folk, but, I guess they don't, they see me as more.

with Neptune able to deal with shifting time, can see opportunities in new ideas, like living in foreign cultures

I have always liked change, thrived on it. The other aspects are within one degree, this one is zero. It is totally accurate.
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