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Re: Will I Become a Writer?

Absolutely! You can become a writer if you want! Stars impel do not compel.

Now astrologically speaking you have Mercury, planet that rules writing, in the 9th which rules spreading knowledge and storytelling (between other things), in the sign of the 10th house. So Mercury has an influence over the 10th (career path) and 9th (beliefs, knowledge). It connects Saturnine-Jupiterian-Plutonian and Mercurial energy = good for a writing or communications career, and achieving your goals.

Your 2nd house (income) Mars in Scorpio is strong, elevated and in conjunction with Mercury so I think you are able to make money writing.

With Pluto in scorpio in the 10th and also being ruler of the 10th gives you a lot of personal power, mind power to achieve whatever career path you want. It can even make you obsessive in achieving your career goals.

Edit: Whatever obstacle you find in your career it may be an unconscious blockage that translates into some sort of limiting idea about yourself. (Pluto squares Saturn-ruler of the 12th in the 1st-)
Shadow work must be done.

Hope this helps you somewhat. Anyways, wait for more responses from experts.

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