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Re: Opinions about my chart please

have not stated at what stage of life you are, your goals-objectives,
and what you are seeking through astrology,
no prompt ack and feedbacks to earlier readings,
appreciate your interest however.

a blank reading has to revisit the chart when you start sharing your
objectives, issues, etc, re-reading the chart in the context;
each planet and sign and house has multitude of possibilities in context;
hope this information will help you reflect and pick as relevant,
focus on the outcomes mentioned how true-relevant, not on technicalities :

cap asc, ambitious, hardworking, practical, event management;
past 2.5yrs sat transit sag 11th technology gains,
gains from old people, old friends,
sat transit opp moon,
stress in income-gains-friendships-edu-romance-children-social status;

asc sat now heading to own cap 12th, tending to distant lands; expenses;

asc lord natal sat debilated aries 3rd, aptitude for social service,
sat 2nd highest deg factor for vocation;

sat retro delayed initiative and progress,
sat retro towards pisces 2nd, earnings in distant lands;
lord mars own scorpio, debilation of sat cancelled,
gradual initiative and progress;
observe fast sat evenings - milk/fruits;

sat-venus opp craving for affection, difficult to manifest;
prone to mutual health issues in a relationship-marriage;

moon lord 7th over gemini 5th, analytical, good at information processing,
but confused at decision making, aptitude for psychometrics;
moon highest deg, the core personality;

gains from spouse, luck with children;
sun 7th seeking well-to-do spouse, but separative tendencies to care;
lords 1/7 sat-moon over aries-gemini 3/11, unfriendly,
merely dutiful towards each other in a relationship;

2nd lord jup retro towards cap 12th, fin constraints, negating relationships;
retro jup cap elevated aspect cancer 6th protective of health-employment;
jup lord 12th over the first acq health issues - liver etc;
aptitude for the mystic, and advisory-teaching roles;
jup first house protective of the chart,
wear yellow sapphire over a pendant touching heart;

jup past year transit venus libra developing relationship-marriage;

ketu separative node now transit jup-acq first,
prone to pain-injury-surgery liver-head-lower legs-sciatica to care;

scorpio-mars 9th inimical-malefic for cap asc, mars lord 4th too;
stress-delays in luck-edu-career-travels-mother-property matters;
research-occult-astrology-forensic-investigative-metallurgy aptitudes;
10th lord mars negating to the 9th, negating career-retired attitude;
aptitude for university research and development etc;

jup now heading towards inimical scorpio-mars 9th,
luck-edu-travels-research-dev etc under stress-delay;
jup trine aspect own pisces 2nd supportive of family-finances;
jup trine cancer 6th/7th supportive of health-employment-marriage;

venus lord 9th negating to the 8th, negating luck, support from father;

venus own libra 8th, success-comforts amidst adversity;
aptitude for research in arts-social sciences;
mer elevated virgo 8th, aptitude for scholarly research;

sun-mer-rahu virgo 7/8 hyper-intellectual, but rise-fall in life,
need for ancestor worship with prayers seeking blessings,
observe fast No-moon evenings;
prone to urological-intestinal-heart-stomach cancer/toxic issues;
past 1.5yr rahu transit sun-mer-rahu virgo;

natal-transit ketu pisces 2nd, hyper-sensitive, sharp emotional speech;
detachment from family-finances,
pain-injury throat-teeth-feet etc;

hope observations help understand chart and find relevant insights,

do care to share pointwise feedbacks how true-untrue-prospective,
traits, talents-aptitudes, events, health, etc etc

what prompted going for a chart reading!

wishing well,

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