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Smile Re: I'm Farley Malorrus KFOX/KNTF/ABC7/CRN ASTROLOGER

That's quite a story, and gives me goosebumps. When humans do GOOD they recieve Dharma, blessings, and the resolution of Karma. Everytime I hear that I touched someone from my show, I now understand why my life has been mostly fun, and easy to manage...

People like YOU are why I am born. Just to find 1 PERSON who can listen and hear me, or look and see me, or touch and feel me, makes me feel I've accomplished what I came to do. To open one's mind and allow them access to avenues they never knew they had is what I always intended without pressure, strain, or pain. It is an easy flowing energy that passes from my mind to yours. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...LOVE YOU SO much for posting to me.
YOU Know my life is archived on the net with most all the topics, commercial free and my ebook, plus pod casts....just go to the link:

Blessings eternal...and happy to hear you!
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