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Good to hear from you, Farley.
I returned to L.A. in August of '84 for 9 months [as I had pretty much left since graduating H.S. in '71] and stayed with my brother whom had just spent a two year stint of unemployment reading all he could find on Astrology. This was much to my dismay at the time as we are the sons of parents that were dedicated students and believers in the 'readings' of Edgar Cayce. [I'm quite sure you know of what Edgar had to say about that.] As my brother is extremely intelligent [he has earned five college degrees, since 2001, and is presently pursuing two more] he is a most perceptive, discerning and quick student.
In those days we were both tradesmen and I convinced him to give up on being rehired by his former employer and getting back into the work-a-day world. For those 9 months I got an intensive on all his studies in Astrology. We got hired by the same contractor and would listen to you on the radio going to, and from, work each day and we both really loved hearing you and that little 'cosmic jingle' that preceded each radiocast that cued us to attention. We would then spend the rest of our commute discussing your words on the subject.
I left L.A. with a firm belief in Astrology that has served me well these last 28 years and I will always remember those times most fondly. Your broadcasts are an integral part of those memories.
May God bless you for your efforts, in this life and, all hereafter.
You Are A Divine Creation Of The Universe

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