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My life philosophy has gonne somewhat along this lines you've posted.
I've always been sef-sufficient in all matters of life! Relating to Astrology I've got a South Node in Aries...
Having a NN in Libra conjunt the ASC I have to go and involve with people, learn their vulnerable sides, and what it means to be human...And maybe in the process give them some of my courage but only after I've tryied to be in their position.

Not all of us have the strength to make it on our own nor we really have to if in the end some kind soul that belongs to what we call Humanity gives us a hand. Obviously, no one can be saved if they don't want to. Period
What you mean by having therapy can be made by friends,lovers, family, new people that come into our lifes.
After all when there's sexual issues undermining you a therapist won't evolve with you in that way! Talking doesn't do all...we need a caring person to be patient and supportive. Does not need be as girlfriend/boyfriend specifically. That's where your karma becomes our karma and we'll go through it together! It takes courage to help someone carry their cross but it will end up lifting yours as well!

I belive some of solving our karma is to help other's, and we the ones that are so self-loving and don't need no ones help because we have it all inside ourselves, we end up denying these ppl the solving of their karma and creating bad karma on ourselves!
I'm learning to give, recieve, balance, unconditional love-Very hard to learn!

I've really struggled to understand how a woman that gets mistreated everyday by the husband stands by his side, how a man that has been cheated can stay with that woman and always take her back? Lack of sef-esteem? Oh yes! That too, but there's more to it...I'm just starting to understand a little that what is important to us people varies immensly and some of us sacrifice ourselves for something we consider higher.
If there was a war I'd probably be the first to run away but there's the ones who risk staying and fight and die.

I belive I'm here to see 2 sides of a coin...The matter is which one it's worth fighting for or surrender to it...(accords can be made fairly) or we just leave it and move forward, and then move forward...and then we are running away and can't commit to nothing or anything that proposes a challenge!

Everyone is worthy of our love, specially the ones that have none inside nor outside, they'r the ones who need it the most.
When we give what we have we will recieve what we don't have, just have to have a keen eye to percieve it!

We have the power to change peoples lives for the better and show them that they have that power too.
So if I want for a relationship someone balanced like me? That person has not so much need of me and to be honest we'd be a waste on eachother!
To live a quiet life is very soothing but without challenge there's no soul evolution...
Can we chose the good ones and leave the miserable for themselves?
It's the strong types that most resist to suffer and run from it...have you noticed? :-)

If I have that much love inside myself, I'm gonna go there and give it a go if I end up broken hearted I know I will always recover!

Loved your post and read it to the end...
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