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We live in "Stop Time." That is why the Universe appears Frozen as we gaze at it. I believe the Earth Plane frequency is slowed down about 10,000 %, meaning when you ascend, souls on Earth appear frozen, or lost in time. When you die, if you ascend, you go back to REAL Time, where grace, love, and blessings are attained, without the need, the want, the desire, or the obsession of the material world. We are always trying to do everything faster in life, when life seemingly goes on forever, because it is SO SLOW. I believe the higher frequencies of the Universe that there is no time, but the ability to be anything, or anyone, anytime, anyplace. It's a complicated quantum analysis, but you have to think with your right brain, and cut the analysis. Your left brain dominates when it worries, thinks, analyzes; whereas if you go right brain and go with your gut, your heart, your intuition, the answers will flow through you.
What is wrong with the world is that we are run by a bunch of LEFT BRAIN leaders who haven't a clue what to do. Sad but true. They are so obsessed with this place they have lost focus. I used enhanced meditation, and dream research using purple plates from to peruse higher levels, interdimensions, parallel worlds, and actually go to heavenly states at a much higher frequency. That is why a dream that may seem to last 3 hours may only last 5 minutes for real.
IN any event, good luck figuring it out. Good night.
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