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I dont feel survival is an illusion.. We need food/shelter..etc...
But true we dont need coffee,candy..Name brands.. With that I agree.. Even though Im a Leo Im not material oriented I have no earth or air.. Well air but generational. Saturn/Uranus/Pluto.

I do agree we as humans are addicted to many things, and material possession has gone over board..

My personal main belief is not religion per say, but more so.. We will all go through hard times, the hard times are not the the "karma" how we handle these times are... Our reaction to the hard times is where the karma is....

I also believe for good to exist bad has to exist... How would we know something "good" if we never experience any bad? It wouldnt be good it would just be normal...
When something bad comes our way, and when we handle it in a good way we will get our reward.. Something good is just around the corner... When we handle it bad it will just get worse, until we figure it out and turn it into a better reaction.. THEN we will experience the good....

I feel that I have a lot of karma to clear... I have known it since I was a little girl... When I was small I was so afraid to be around people. I feared people... First I had to learn how to even be around people...

Which Ironically I finally came out of my shell around the summer of 87.. (your post from above) I was about 14/15 then... I also got my first job then toooo.. I met my STILL best friend then... I very important year for me..
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