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Interesting, and yes I will have to read it several times to fully understand what you have said.. At first I said "what"

"Anything that is not of spirit is Karmic." Karma only comes from the delusion of Material objects, things, people or concepts, when in fact the perpetual motion that exists in this realm is typically a cosmic hologram so to speak, so it is not as real as what exists at higher frequencies in heavenly realms.
When you say Material objects do you mean, passing what we need for basic survival? I.e. We all need shelter/food/clothes.. etc.. Are you talking about going more over board?

Relationships, along with money, power, property, sex, personal love, and family all fall into the realm of karma.
I do believe majority if not all of our relationships are karma.. Or we are meant to meet these specific people at specific times..

This is very true for me, my meetings are usually quick and unexpected and its usually have some to clear.. Usually pertains with changing myself and learning from them... In the process a change comes through.... Only I'm older now and I learn a lot faster now... So the relationships ends quickly.
I ususally have some communication to work through with other people...

But Im am here to server others and in the process I clear my karma...
This is something I just recently figured out..
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