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It varies per individual actually. A nun's vow to the Lord for example might make her Karma free at that moment.
If you were to give up your addictions in life, including things that you have daily, including love, sex, and relationships, adhering only to that one being you spend the rest of you life with, you can become more karma clear as you age. Of course, it takes most people a lifetime to become close to karma clear hence why they stick around. Often when people let go, they die. Many Bodhisattva stay behind to teach and share what they know for ascension, while others do need a lifetime to let go. How many people can go without a smoke, their coffee, desert, a relationship, property, their car, their kids, their cat, their dog, their dad, their mom, chocolate, or anything they may be dependent on, or think they need to live, when none of that exists in the higher realms; it is truly an illusion as to what we think we need or what we are trained to think we need on Earth. There is only one need, in my opinion and that is to bond with the The Spirit of the Lord that controls the perpetual motion of all realms and pay off the penitence of our leaving that priority in the 1st place. There is a reason why we are all here, and I believe that reason is that we became obsessed with desires, lusts, passions, and possessions, hence why I believe Earth is here; to work out those attachments, none of which lasts. Only one thing in the Universe is Infinite. Call it the Force, call it G-d, Call it Jesus. It is the higher consciousness that makes us all ONE.
Hope that helps.
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