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Hello Lion Ness.
To be clear of all Karma is called Bodhisattva which is my life's endeavor.
Being clear of all karma means letting go of all Earthly needs and embracing the spirit of the Universe as priority beyond this realm in order to grant you passage and access to a higher consciousness, and access to ascend to more heavenly realms, of a much higher frequency of Earth void of obsession and possession. Earth, otherwise known as "Midgard," a combination so to speak of Heaven and Hell is a turning point for billions of souls and animals, giving them the opportunity to release their obsessions with all things of matter and embrace that which is only spiritual (G-d, Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, The Great Spirit, Etc.) Relationships, along with money, power, property, sex, personal love, and family all fall into the realm of karma. "Anything that is not of spirit is Karmic." Karma only comes from the delusion of Material objects, things, people or concepts, when in fact the perpetual motion that exists in this realm is typically a cosmic hologram so to speak, so it is not as real as what exists at higher frequencies in heavenly realms. (You may have to read this over a few times or print it out for it to sink in, of course you may share it, and pass it on, as it is my desire to give as many as possible the ticket to a higher realm if possible, my life's goal)
TO have relationship with an individual that is Karma free so to speak, like I would often like to think of myself, you must embrace the FACT that this individual would still retain a spiritual priority in their life above and beyond all things of this realm.(They may love you and vice versa, but when their moment of death comes, they would be able to easily let go of this love & desire for you in order to escape the gravity that holds the soul to Earth and ascend) This of course is my own opinion, however, with my many meditations, astral travels, dreams, and experience, I have found it to be true. The weight of the soul keeps it here on Earth if only a few ounces, preventing it from ascending to a higher frequency. The weight of Karma on a soul is any attachment to anything, person, child, relative, or material item, beyond Spiritual priorities, particularly at the moment of death, or prior to going into a fatal coma. IF reincarnation were in fact true, as many believe, the Soul is trapped in the Earth plane until it reaches a state where it can literally "let go," of all things Earthly in order to be 'weightless,' gain flight at death, and therefore go into the light of a higher realm, a more heavenly realm, at death. At least, that is my take. Thank you for your question. I hope that helps.
Farley Malorrus
Even Jesus, and Isiah both said in the bible that they were "Coming Back," and there is a book I used to give away on my show that was in fact called, "COMING BACK." I figure the only way to come back is to Reincarnate.
An Example of being "Karma Free," In a Christian sense would be to Accept Jesus Christ as the Son of G-d, therefore giving G-d priority of all things in your life, over everything of Earth.
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