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Originally Posted by RishiRahul View Post

You mentioned that I am correct, but you mentioned nothing about early 2018 & Sept 2018?!!

Pardon me..yes early 2018 I remember that after being unemployed for most of 2017 I had gotten rehired at the same job from december 2017..Early 2018 I was working part time at same counseling/teaching type job and had two minor medical procedures to rule out stomach problems both which did not reveal anything but yes you are right I was feeling confident in that my life may take a posotive far as September 2018 also had the same two medical procedures to rule out stomach problems both which were not too revealing and my Paternal grandfather was sick in the hospital and from then onwards I did feel more insecure and continue to go through more suffering and anxiety..january 2019 was particulary disturbing and scary as thats when I first developed asthma and more anxiety...


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