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Hi all, thanks for your replies. Iím still at work so canít answer all but my mom has been sending me updates since he returned from the Vet and he ate a little bit. Which is fantastic because he was refusing the past day. This morning, why I rushed him in, he collapsed on me momentarily when defecating 😢 I think straining to pass a stool was too much for him, it wasnít diarrhea. Heís alert but aloof

About the blood transfusion: Kitty is FIV positive, I found him a week and some ago on the street and took him in. We are meant to be his forever home. Got him stitched up (laceration) and neutered and this may have been a lot on his body but I agree some medicine isnít sitting well with his constitution. He had fleas on his body when I found him so Iím thinking he was already a bit anemic, the doctor hadnít checked when we first brought him in for surgery, so nothing to compare to. Normal red blood count levels are supposed to be in the 30-40 range, he has 6.5

I have a whole team of people sending him prayers! I believe he will get through this. 💙💪🏽🌟 his name is Beaux

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