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Re: had to take my cat to the hospital—is he going to be alright?

Sorry to hear about your kitty. I don't have horary to offer. I just trying to understand. Your cat had a laceration last week, and had surgery so I imagine there was extensive blood loss, which would have caused the anemia?
NSAIDs are more gentle than the steriods they usually inject for surgery. Was your kitty on NSAIDS for a long time? Or was it just for the surgery and recovery? Unfortunately cats can have many different types of reactions to the medicines given out by vets. They never tell you about all the side effects. And when you mention them they say they have never heard of that happening, or how rare it is. I have a 16 year old that is very sensitive to vet meds. And I only allow her to be given NSAIDS. And injectibles only during surgery. Otherwise forget it. Injectibles stay in their system for a long time and if side effects occur you have to wait it out, no way to stop it. You can request liquid droppers and their meds in liquid form and just squirt into the corner of kitties mouth.

Kind of wondering if your kitty would get better after injectibles left his/her system. I would ask your vet about it. The side effects you mention kitty having sound like they are from meds. And kitty is probaby exhausted from anemia also. Hope your cat recovers. 1 year old is so young. If vet recommends blood transfusion, why not get it?
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