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Re: had to take my cat to the hospital—is he going to be alright?

He's still at the vet. A euthanasia appointment is either later today or in the morning. I want to give him another day in hopes of a miraculous slowly-steady recovery but it's not entirely up to me...

The vet said they are not able to even give him IV fluid out of fear of further diluting the little blood cells count he has. She offered to do a blood transfusion to increase the blood count, but this seems out of line considering his constitution.

He's not in pain, his immune system is dysfunctional and causing decline. He's a year old.

" fixed sign on the sixth house cusp shows a long illness difficult to remove; The domicile ruler of the sixth “of evil influence” [NG: perhaps a malefic or debilitated benefic] and placed in the sixth, shows an enduring, serious illness. Conversely, a fortunate planet in the sixth shows an illness that will not kill and will soon be cured."

Taurus rules his 6th, its true, this illness is called by complicatons from a chronic disease, however the domicile ruler is Venus and placed within the 6th.

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