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Re: had to take my cat to the hospital—is he going to be alright?

The moon is in Sagitarrius, L6 rulership.

L6 is in his turned 2nd House, detriment, conjunct Saturn, his dispositor.

Next aspects to L6 are trines by Mercury and Sun. Mercury rules his turned 7th and 10th House. Sun rules his turned 9th House

8th from the 6H is sign of Cancer. Moon is in his turned 12th house (hospital). Moon is not making any in orb applying aspects yet but next aspect will oppose Venus, ruler of his 6th (and 11th House) sitting within his turned 6th house. So moon (death) will oppose benefic Venus (health)?

Jupiter as Moon's dispositor is a good thing or does it mean he is a guest of death, serves him? Venus will also go retrograde next week.

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