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Re: Will we reconcile?

Notice the change in houses.
In one moon is in 7th, in the other it is in 6th.
In scahm's chart moon is exactly in the degree of Venus, ascendent ruler, and it is still approaching, bringing something to ascendent.
In vcms' chart the moon has already passed the aspect with Venus and approaches a square to mars. There is a reception, moon in the sign and house of mars, mars in the house of moon. This is not enough perhaps to turn this square into a positive.
Mars is in 4th, end of the matter.
In scham's chart mars is in 3rd of communications.
Also, in the chart with 19 degrees on the ascendent, Neptune now makes contact with the descendent at exactly 19 degrees. I know you didn't included the outer planets, but since they are in the other chart, I think it's valid to consider them.
It looks like a little difference makes a big difference.
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