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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Sorry, just to clarify, so the first chart worked out as predicted, but your (big) chart didn't? Is that right?
That’s right.

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
What I don't understand is how there can be only 3 degrees difference between the ascendents but 3 degrees difference in the moons. How can that happen? The moon isn't as fast as that.
perhaps this minor difference it due to horary cast from different locations at different times zones

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
My replies had referred to scahm, and the chart originally posted (19 libra rising).
I've now looked at the second chart posted by vcms (22 libra rising).
Correction: my horary chart is 19°, scahm’s is 22°. Your replies have been referring to mine posted on the page, whereas scahm horary image can be found as an attachment with opening the thread.
In spite of mine being the stronger of the two by angular placements, didn’t come to fruition.

For final clarity and to hasten any more confusion of who’s chart is who’s, I am reposting below my 19° horary chart is my own in reference to my own horary question:

Originally Posted by vcms View Post
I cast a chart for a similar question (“whether he will communicate with me to reconcile”)

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