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Hi all,

I completed my children's book. The entire book has been put together, ready for print and binded and copyright with barcode etc. I've contacted a few book publishers. There's one publisher which i will call P for now. P has offered me a contract which is my weak point so im doing a horary to make sure i do the right thing. Here's my question -

Should i work with this publisher? Will i be satisfied with the outcome of selling this book if I agree to this contract? Or should I work with another publisher. This publisher P wants me to pay for production costs and im not sure if im willing to do that. Thank you.

In the chart it shows a sextile between me and publisher (venus and mercury) and publisher is in exaltation of me. Im in exaltation of the moon (my hopes and wishes) in applying trine. Income is mars and venus is applying but in detriment of mars - could this mean ill be mildly dissatisfied with the income? Somehow i think this is a good chart.
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