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Re: New job or business or old job?

You, as a child of a mother, take her fate. The motherís karmic house is the 10th house from the 4th motherís house. This is your first home. Your mother was connected to Venus in your first home. She and your destiny are ruled by one planet. To have an idea of ​​yourself, you need to build the right map. In the third house you have Ketu, in the fourth - a retrograde Saturn with the Moon, this is an academic education and work in your company. In the fifth house, you have a retrograde Mars. In house 8, you have a retrograde Jupiter with a variable value for your husband. This is a house of residence permits and visas for different Maha Dashi. Thus, you will have more than one marriage. This Jupiter will prolong your life. In the ninth house you have Rahu, who will be your AK and will give you a great desire to work in your company. The Maha Dasha Rahu period will begin in mid-June 2021. So, now you still have Maha Dasha of retrograde Mars, and Mars is the only planet on your map where various cards occupy the 5th house of study and the vacation of dreams and the 6th house of wage labor, work. In the 12th house you have the Sun and the retrograde Mercury. I see you have learned a little speculation in astrology. And the location of the planets will help you understand this further. You have mastered mathematics well, and then the beginning astrologer will be able to understand his birth chart. Apparently, in Mexico with your husband you received a visa with your husband. You have a second blood group with a negative Rh factor. Do not cry, you were born under a lucky star, material Gods will give you luck in everything. Work will begin to unfold in Rahu Maha Dasha. You will work to promote your business from June 2021. I would rather sell oil and gas products than copy the profession and mother, as a memory of your childhood. Honor the professions of Venus and Saturn.
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