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Re: Where is my dvd

Well done on your accuracy. You got it right. You're amazing!!

So here's the story...

Im in the tv room looking through the cupboards and disc covers for the 50th time. I told my husband someone must have misplaced it. My husband then went on a rant telling me i can only blame myself, that i need to take responsibility for my actions. And he said it over and over again, that it's all my fault, that im the one to blame. So i prayed to god. I asked god to please help me find the dvd.

I continued to keep searching through the usual places. It was when i looked in the cupboard of my husband's room on the shelf, on top of legal documents (like you said) that i found a box. At this point the location is indeed a little to the left of the house and close to the middle. Oh boy was it hidden alright. This black box turned out to be a part of the computer that my husband took out a while ago cos he said it was broken at the time. And guess what part it was? The part that plays dvds!!!! Lol. So i took it to my husband and asked him to open it. He got a hair clip. It opened. And what do you know????? The freaking dvd was in there. So this freaking part of the computer which he pulled out and replaced, he put the old one in the cupboard with the dvd still in it!!!! You'd think he'd take the freaking dvd out at the time right? Omg. Ugh. And would you believe he still said it was my fault? LMFAO no kidding this was unbelievable. There's no way i would have found it without praying.

So yes it was a little to the left. It was on a shelf on top of legal and educational documents. Yes there was a yellow and orange plastic bag next to it. Yes it was hidden inside the dvd player box.
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