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Re: Where is my dvd

There is 1 testimony it will be found!
Ruler is in cadent house; cadent house means that item is either far off, or close by, but hidden and almost impossible to find. This will take time to find, usually indirectly by a third party. It may show it is to the left side of places that I would suggest for search. Ruler in fixed signs indicate low places, near the earth, well hidden, or on level ground.
Ruler is in AQ so it can be in or near a built-in device or equipment, near electrical appliances, radios, televisions, computers, in a TV room with stereo equipment, near a telephone area, close to a meter panel or fuse box, close to a light in a room that has been remodeled or modernized, an additional room with modern furniture, part of the house that was in the original structure, in rooms upstairs, the attic, near a drafty window, planning or drafting room or a room with barely comfortable furniture.
Ruler in 9 house means to look near some church, college or law “things” or around vacation pictures or travel literature. Also look at library or at school/university.

Direction: Southwest
Near colour: yellow, white, light color combination, spotted, grey, mixed

POF is in Ta in 12th house. It can be in a basement, room with tile floors, a lower or middle level room, storage room, a quiet room that is dimly lit with low ceilings, a dark closet, trunks, a cash box or safe place where cash is kept, storage place for furniture, music room, near a piano, safe deposit box, chest of drawers, wallet?, handbag, suit of clothes. Look for the item close to the ground or the floor. Also, be sure to look in the bag or box in which the item was purchased.

Direction: Southeast
Near colour: green, blue, white, pink, red-orange, yellow, tan
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