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Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
Asc lord jup over leo 6th for health-legalities,
and not conducive for marriage,
marriages avoided during jup transit leo,

eat ghee besan laddoos, offer to saibaba sun mornings as prasad;
light cow ghee diya daily morning at alter at home;
while may take medical/ayurvedic opinion.

jup leo commanding attitude, non-reconciliatory, defiant.

hope answers your queries, already hinted earlier.
your ketu gemini keeps on analysing and getting confused,
gathering information, not able to decide.

Thanks so much ji I had one more question ive been meaning to ask you I have been looking for a job for 1.5 years and no where near in sight do I have any chance for government job?

Last thing ji my skin is so inflamed severe eczema skin inflamation on both my hands to the point where I have bleeding blisters on both hands and even water hurts my hands and no treatment seems to be helping 😭 😢 please let me know why this is happening and what can I do to remedy it!
Thank you!
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