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why are many Rahu/Ketu transits so horrible for me?

I recently realized that much of the suffering in my life has been spurred by various nodal transits. I am wondering if the prominence of one's nodes in the natal chart can increase their effects in transit. Or, in my case, is it because so many house lords are in the 1st?

I'm not saying that life should have no suffering, but it is very difficult for me to find the purpose or "free will" factor in some of these transits. I say that because often I feel as though I lack a great deal of control over anything when the nodes travel through certain houses. I can't even put into words what these things have done to me!

Perhaps I should look into remedial measures?

Also, I should note that when Rahu was transiting my 4th house, things were pretty good on many fronts. Ketu transiting my 12th was quite awful.
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