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Re: The clockwork of Astrology

Originally Posted by petosiris View Post
There is something sinister in the way Cornelius sells full subjectivity under the guise of something magical/literature/divination. This leads to so much confusion because most people think he simply means replacement by another mechanism of synchronicity (see his podcast with Chris Brennan).

I will have it in mind that you understand him correct the next time you give me some advice though. I am keen on building a scientific system rather than a mentalist one.
I have yet to see you try to build a system that is remotely scientific. To understand science, go chat with the faculty in your nearest university astronomy department or observatory.

Ptolemy and Aristotle are not scientific in today's terms. Neither is Copernicus or Galileo. Science is heavily based upon experimentation, observation, measurement, and statistics. Think of those people as pre-scientists or proto-scientists.

I've pointed out a number of times that objectivity is not the same as science. History is one of the humanities, yet historians are in the business of learning and publishing facts, for example. Or think about a court of law, where attorneys try to extablish the precise facts of the case.

I don't think astrology is a form of divination. I've explained what I think it is. I merely pointed out your mis-reading of Geoffrey Cornelius.
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