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Re: "Beauty" in natal chart?

Originally Posted by LyP View Post
this actress made me think: saturn conj venus or saturn/venus can make you "work hard" to be beautiful, maybe?

i don't know,i met a girl who has venus sextile saturn and saturn in first house who's not have self steem,but one scout said she could be a model,
she is a model today...perhaps she attract this it with the mind?, lol
I know only myself with the saturn conj venus, and I can garantee you I always worked less hard than majority of people to be beautifu, if at all. I've got many compliments for my physical appearance, but sometimes also got complaints that I don't care what I dress, don't put make up or similar thing. But saturn conj venus is probably the very reason for this.

I would say Saturn has much to do with aging and I do care now much more about physical appearance, aesthetics and fashion are becoming more important to me, but I'm still not among the people who work very hard on their appearance.

My personal standards of beauty don't match current cultural standards of misterious, strong, and somehow evil person. This type of image (I think many times is more a modern image than natural appearance) is something I rather avoid than being attracted to.

However, this definition is ascribed to scorpio, usually.
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