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Should I apply for this job?

There is a vacancy for receptionist at the hairdressers I attend but I am worried about applying because it would be embarrassing if I didnít get it or it didnít work out.

I use strictly traditionally, so career is 10th, ruled by the Moon and I am asc, Venus.

Moon is in a Mercury ruled sign, with no reception to me and is also VOC with a last sextile from Mercury. It seems nothing will come of this job.

But Leo is intercepted in the 10th, where my sig is in reception to it and will apply to the Sun in 3 units of time.

So does this mean I will have a new job in 3 units of time, can I see this answer even though it was about a different job? Also, 3 units is that 3 weeks or months? Iím looking for a new job.

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