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Re: the node and reality

hi MMarie

you hit it on the head. the descendant conjunct to pluto and the anti-vertex is exactly what one would expect from thi pattern. the vertex is the primal energy of consciousness. conjunct the ascendant your minds are connected by this energy. pluto s symbolic of past life so with it conjunct the ascendant/vertex axis you are very likely to have had pastlife together. the synchronicities and karma you feel with him are just as you sense them.
with Jupiter square the vertex, you might have been married in a past life.
but the vertex is a comprehensive source so that means it does not solely contain the elemental awareness of humankind. as a consequence the energy of the
vertex is difficult to integrate into a"earthly" relationship.
this pattern with Jupiter square to pluto also shows the job related circumstances. The pluto/Jupiter square indicates that inthis life professional advancement is the priority rather than emotional involvements.
though the Saturn/moon midpoint is conjunct the vertex/descendant which can be an aspect of devotion and commitment. But it is not clear if there is enough spontaneous affection for this aspect to be attractive rather than stand offish.the sun/venus/mercury mp stellium is sextile to Jupiter which does both a emotional and mental attraction. it is an excellent workplace and friendship aspect with good emotional repartee.
the moon/Venus midpoint conjunct to mercury does show there is a very affectionate connection as you feel you can be open with him and your conversations tend to be humorous and joyful.
but it would seem to be more of a friendship that a romantic conection as mars is square to chiron and opposed to Saturn. this shows a no nonsense orientation and a distant and at times a critical approach to each other.although Saturn is trine to pluto and sextile to the vertex so this lends weight to the value of the past life connection affecting this live in a uniting emotional addition Neptune is sextile to Saturn and pluto and trine to the vertex. this is a very stabilizing pattern and it shows great respect and sensitivity toward each other. it is also indicative of a healing energy between you.applied to a past life,this might show that there are emotional experiences hanging in the ether that could be healed in the here in now.
really quite intriguing. as I said vertex potential is very difficult to manifest in the here and now,but the aspect here might make this occurrence more likely.
the moon is conjunct to psyche ,which does give a spiritual loving attraction and interestingly the eros/psyche midpoint is conjunct to chiro which is a odd pairing.
this indicates that instead of chiron's usual lack of tact,here criticisms are given in a delicate matter so as not to alienate each other.
the Jupiter/juno midpoint is square to mean lilith which might show there is a potential for a serious relationship but you need to use the true lilith(h13) to be sure of this aspect.
Venus is square to juno which can give a feeling of emotional intimacy and maybe something more
the current transiting node suggest that now is the time to get him involved with these potentialities as the node was conjunct to priapus from 6/4 to 6/12 and will remain in orb thru next month.
and the transiting node will square the vertex/ascendant/and pluto thru October.
so if the pst life dynamics are active thenit will be apparent.
in addition priapus might bring out a intense sexuality which might compliment a romantic affair or more. quite interesting

Hi Todd, Thank you so much for taking the time to read this composite chart. I feel that everything you said was pretty spot on. Especially the part about healing energy between us possibly pertaining to a past life. I have this eerie sense that some pain was caused and we are back together to heal it. Whether it was a marriage like you said or mother/child (we have my karma conjunct his moon in synastry and my moon in his 8th house). We also have vertex conjunct ASC dw in synastry. Maybe this is why I feel I cannot move on from this job until I learn or settle something with him. I believe you are right about it leaning more towards friendship too shown with the stellium in 11th house. We are both slightly critical but are very sensitive and respectful with each other like you said being delicate towards one another. Appreciate all your thoughts on this. Itís honestly feelings Iíve never had before meeting him which has opened me up to the more spiritual side of life.
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