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I would greatly appreciate your interpretation on a synastry and composite chart.
I am a singer/artist/songwriter.

From the month of October until March I went through a very difficult time with lyme disease.
I have never been so ill and thought I was going to leave this World.

When I started to feel somewhat better with ongoing treatment, I had an enormous urge to start singing again.
It's was as though a force much greater than anything that I have ever known magnetically drew me to these auditons.
That's where I met him....

Since participating in this project (and looking after myself), I feel more in tune with my higher self. It's also as if his energy has helped me regenerate, he has played a huge role in my well being.

We have a sense of the deepest spiritual connections, it's purely transcending for both of us.
It's as if our encounter was meant to teach us something important in order to help us grow. A sort of mirror into our souls, where fate is inter-linked...

If you have any insight that could help to understand this connection better from an astrological point of view, I'd really apppreciate it.

On my behalf in order to be together, it would require taking some important decisions, stepping out into the unknown and making sacrifices, which doesn't scare me, however there is a lot to take into consideration...

Thank you so much in advance !
All the best
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