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Re: the node and reality

Hey What is your opinion on this composite?
And which do you think is better? Both are love interests
Would greatly appreciate your unique insights ❤️ Thank you

posted June 17, 2019 04:25 PM
hi LunaIscariot

you speak of multiples but thee is only one.
the node pluto conjunction with the node square to Saturn usually a bit reserved to say the with juno conjunct Saturn and cupid the focus would be on a serious relationship or marriage. the moon/sun midpoint is square to this stellium so this really places a premium on a committed relationship/marriage.the Jupiter/juno midpoint is square to he moon which again shows the seriousness of the relationship.
Pluto/node can give past life connections but in the present reality it tends top be uncompromising.
the Saturn/moon midpoint is square to chiron which adds a distance. this can show there will be too much criticism and non acceptance of you are.this can show a lot I=of nit picky and a need to mold the other. the pluto/Saturn already has a similar element so it maybe that there is too much inflexibility.
the sun/mercury/venus stellium is vey affectionate and good shows a readiness to open to each other.
it looks like the mars/venus midpoint is conjunct to Lilith though you might add true Lilith to see how exact this is. as it is,it shows a spontaneous affection rising effortlessly from both of you
the mars/Uranus conjunction is square to the mars/venus conjunction which really adds intensity and sensitivity to the emotional feelings.but this is a problematic aspect because though it cans tart intensely, it can also lack tends to show expectations about each other that are realistic or unattainable the eros/psyche midpoint is conjunct to the moon with adds a idealistic,romantic feeling to the already affectionate connection you have.

this one has a favorable stellium with Jupiter/juno and venus. this tends toward a formal relationship though it can also reflect a good office friendship.

pluto on thee descendant shows a self centeredness in the relationship though pluto is trine to the sun/mercury midpoint and trine to mars. this gives a openness which might temper pluto's selfishness.
mars opposed to Uranus adds a vibrancy which would lighten up the ponderous nature of pluto.
but the Saturn/Neptune square is usually problematic as it shows a hesitancy to beforth right. this aspect can be manipulative behind hidden motives.
with Neptune square to the vertex, it seems there is much not being revealed.i would expect him to be very private about this life ingeneral.
the Uranus/Saturn midpoint is opposed to the moon/chiron midpoint and even though moon is trine to chiron which would show a informative and critical rapport, the opposition makes this a argumentative pattern.
nessus is square the venus stellium which really dampens any emotional excitement and looks more like emotional affection becomes conditional to accepting certain "guidelines". that is there does not seem to be any spontaneity to the emotions .
then with the Saturn/moon midpoint opposed to Pluto, there really is blocked emotional feelings and likely a test of wills would develop. it just seems there are too many emotional blocks here to take advantage of the venus/Jupiter/juno stellium in terms of a serious relationship

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